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Computer Repair & Virus Removal:

Is your computer running slow, freezing, pop-ups, heating up, and fan running hard? No Problem! Smart Computers Tech offers comprehensive Computer Repair & Virus Removal Services with an emphasis on fast, friendly and affordable service. 

Our team of technicians will perform a through scan of your computer system to determine exactly what viruses, malware and spyware needs to be removed.

If you have viruses we remove them 95% of the time without  reformatting your hard drive, so you don’t lose your programs, data, photos, or files.

Smart Computers Tech will also set up a virus protection package to further protect your computer system from viruses, identity theft and malware.


Affordable PC & Mac Repair Services

Update Windows With Newest Security Updates.

Improve Boot Performance With Registry Cleaner.

Remove Viruses Slowing Your Computer Down. 

Malware, Virus Removal & Trojan Removal.

Defragment Hard Drives & Disk Cleanup.

Install Wireless Networking.

Install Windows Updates.

Provide Skilled Data Recovery Services For Less.

Install New Hardware Components Or Software.

Spyware & Adware Removal.

Clean Out Temporary Internet Files That Slow Browsers.

Clean Inside Computer Case Removing Hazardous Dust Buildup.

Update Anti-Virus & Install Firewall Security.

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